• Original ImageTouched Up Image

I used the basic, adjustments, and photo effects functions to touch up the original image. In the basic function I used the crop tool and cropped the top part of the sky and buildings. In the adjustments function I used the brightness and contrast tool. I added more contrast to the image to make it darker and make more of a contrast between the street itself and the bright sky. In the photo effects function I used the black and white tool to make the image black and white. Then I used the vignette tool to add shadows in the corners of the image.

Combined Images

I opened the first image in piklr photo editor and then opened the moon image next to it. I zoomed in on the moon and used the lasso tool to crop it out. In this process I also created a new layer and labeled it ‘moon.’ I tried to drag the cropped moon into the sky image but it did not let me, so I ended up copying and pasting the moon into the first image.





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