How Do You Make the Relationship Work?

When people find out my boyfriend and I live about 12 hours apart, they respond with a pity look telling me how strong I am or with a confused look wondering why in the world would I wait around for a guy.

To be honest, some days I do feel sorry for myself and other days I contemplate transferring schools and moving back home to be near him. But then I remember why I’m we’re so far apart. The answer I come up with is that for right now, that’s where life has led us.

So all I can think to do is work my hardest to make the relationship I value so much work over the phone and computer. These are the top three decisions I’ve seen help our relationship the most.


Yes, it’s annoying and yes I do catch myself wishing I could get a simple hug. Yet, I’m going to take advantage of my freedom I college. Not in the dating other guys way, but in the focusing on other things rather than guys way.

I’m going to learn more about myself. I’m going to take interesting and pointless to my major classes and tell him about it. I’m going to go out with friends and try new restaurants and share with him what I ate. While he, does the same with his group of friends.

The point is that we take those new life and personal lessons/revelations and share them with each other.

We update each other on the small and big daily or weekly events. We don’t worry that something is too small or insignificant to share; small events can lead to major ones.

This way, we’re gowning together even when we’re apart.


We tell the truth.

We say what’s really on our minds and we honestly admit how we’re feeling. We admit the good and the bad. Communication is key and will help the relationship run smoothly.

We don’t hide what you’re doing or who you’re hanging out with (boy or girl). It’s important to talk it through and let the other person know he or she has nothing to worry about.


One of the hardest emotions to wrestle with is loneliness. So I make sure to keep my actions and thoughts in check when I feel long distance lonely. I don’t put myself in situations where other guys comfort me without a second thought or spend all my time with people who aren’t encouraging of my relationship.

I try to rely on people who at least try to understand my mixed emotions and who will support me no matter what without making me doubt my hopes for the future.

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