Checklist! Packing Light for the Over Packer in Us


I am an over packer traveler. I over pack whenever I travel, which isn’t good because as a college student away from home, who’s also in a long distance relationship I’m traveling a lot.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m 5’2” or that I look like a kid still, but whenever I travel there’s always one or two people who ask me if I need help with my bag(s). I’ve tried different hairstyles and dressing like a grown-up, and nothing. My heavy suitcase probably doesn’t help.

Anyways, I love short weekend trips and I love them most because those are the trips when I get to see my boyfriend. My best trips are when I go home for the weekend or to a city with friends and see my boyfriend.

But I’ve had to learn to pack light the hard way. After many, many times of dragging around my exploding carry-on, full of stuff I never wore, I got smart and thought about what it actually is I actually need to pack.

So here’s a checklist to help you pack light!

1. Figure out what days you’ll be traveling.

Plan how many days you’ll be gone to only pack as much as is necessary.

2. Choose and match.

Match two blouses with one skirt or one pair of pants.

3. One Dressy Suit

If you aren’t sure if you’ll be going to a nice place, bring one dressy outfit with shoes.

4. Necessary is Key

Only pack necessary toiletries and accessories. No need to bring all of your jewelry and

makeup. Be realistic when choosing!

Remember to not freak out about not having enough clothes or not being prepared, chances are you’ll be more excited about who you’re spending time with than what you’ll be doing.

It might take packing for longer than normal, and you probably won’t get it right first time around. But don,t worry, it’ll come with practice.

To see more tips about packing light visit Real Simple magazine website!


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