Movie Review – Like Crazy

like crazy


Movies about long distance have a high possibility of either turning into a cheesy hour and a half love story of either getting or losing the guy or girl or realizing they can’t live with one another and drop everything to move across the country.

Still, I can’t help but curiously sit through movies about long distance relationships, wondering if I’ll recognize myself in a character or a situation. So then, I watched Like Crazy.

Like Crazy follows Anna (Felicity Jones) and Jacob (Anton Yelchin) as they meet in an American University and fall in love. After spending a summer together, Anna returns to her home in England and is unable to travel back to the states. They try doing long distance for a while until the pain of separation is too much. And I’m going to tell you to watch the movie if you want to know the ending.

I saw scarily accurate dialogue pieces and haunting performances in this film. I could see my reactions in both characters my heart broke a little when the distance began. I smiled at their short time together and rooted for their relationship to work. The film made me think about the people we become.

Everyone changes, it might take years or four weeks, but we all change at some point. What happens when we change? Does that mean our love changes too? Are you fighting for the same person you knew back when, or the person he or she is now?

The film was beautifully directed by Drake Doremus.

The script was also what pulled me into the movie. Not only the dialogue but the subtle looks and touches between characters made me step into the story.

I recommend the movie, although I realize that not everyone will enjoy it.

Here is another take on the film.

As a writer, I’d love to hear what you thought about the story and the characters so feel free to leave a comment!





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